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Kursus eBanking Online Payment FPX gateway

Trainer : Ahmad Fazli Ismail
Yuran : RM100 Promosi : RM50
SelfStudy dan Learning Support - video, material latihan dan sijil disediakan.
Video Training sekitar 6 jam
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Kandungan Kursus

1.0 Introduction of e-Banking.
2.0  Introduction of FPX e-Banking.
3.0 Group of users / audiences.
4.0 The advantages of having FPX direct.
5.0 Branding, Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy.
6.0 Enquiries, maintenance, and reporting problems / issues.
7.0 Payment facilities, and products registration.
8.0 Requirements, costs, and timeline.


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RM 50.00

Online Banking (B2C)